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CGCA Awareness Ambassadors

The overarching mission of the Colorado Gynecologic Cancer Alliance Awareness Ambassadors program is to educate the wider community about the symptoms and risk factors of gynecologic cancer. In addition, the Ambassador program provides a platform for cancer survivors and those who love them to share stories that can save lives.

Here’s why it matters:

  • There is no test for most gynecologic cancer and nearly 70% of women think a Pap Smear screens for all gynecologic cancers. It only screens for cervical cancer. Education is needed!

  • Women diagnosed with early stage gynecologic cancers have a 90% chance of surviving for more than 5 years compared to those diagnosed at Stage IV.


You can change these numbers!


Become a CGCA Awareness Ambassador.


Awareness Ambassadors reach out to their immediate community with the goal of raising awareness of gynecologic cancer symptoms and risk factors in many ways:

  • Fulfill bi-monthly “Awareness Kit" Duties (mailed to Ambassadors by CGCA with materials and instructions). These Awareness Kits will give you materials and guidance for reaching out into your community to raise awareness!

  • Raise awareness on social media.

  • Spread the word about gynecologic cancer symptoms and risk factors through gatherings such as garden clubs, book clubs, women’s groups, etc.

  • Encourage others to volunteer and become Awareness Ambassadors.


CGCA will supply you with everything you need! Including training and support!

To sign up to become an Awareness Ambassador, click below.

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