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Oncólogos ginecológicos en Colorado

Medical Professionals: 

When seeking medical assistance it can be tough finding the right gynecologic oncologist while keeping your loved ones' insurance plan in mind. 

  • Check out our list of Colorado-based gynecologic oncologists. You can also search the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists website to find a doctor in your area:

  • We also suggest getting a second opinion! If you are unsure about your loved ones’ diagnosis it is always recommended to seek out another oncologist to ensure that they have been diagnosed correctly. Key questions to ask the doctor are:

    • What other support services are available?

    • Are you and your team up to date on the latest treatments?

    • How much experience do you have with this specific cancer?


Peer Support Groups:

  • Although doctors are needed for guidance, support groups can offer a wide range of resources and emotional support. Specifically, CGCA offers professionally led support groups called Nicki’s Circle as well as individual counseling. 

Emotional and Social Support:  

  • CGCA offers our Connections  program, helping those with gynecologic cancer connect to resources in the community that offer support. For more information on our Connections Program please click here: CONNECTIONS

  • Ask your medical professional about the oncology social worker at your hospital, who can help you access useful tips and resources.


Care Partner Apps and Online Resources:

Care partners have many tasks to fulfill every day. Fortunately, there are apps that can help care partners become more organized, manage their duties, and maintain health care record keeping. Some of these Apps include:

  • Care Zone: Creates a medication list, access to pharmacy services, log and track health information, and file important contacts.

  • Caring Bridge: Keeps family members and friends updated on health of loved one and updates notes of support.

  • MyLifeline: Founded by a Denver Ovarian Cancer survivor, My Lifeline lets you keep family members and friends up to date on what’s happening with your loved one. Create your community!

  • Lotsa Helping Hands: This app utilizes a calendar for family members and friends to offer and volunteer on every day health activities. Well Wishes is an announcement page on the app that shares love and support for the loved one.

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