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Oncólogos ginecológicos en Colorado

CGCA is here for you

and we welcome you to our community.

Comprehensive health care for transgender men includes gynecologic care. This care is particularly important for those who have not had gender-affirming surgery.


Some trans men have trouble finding a health care provider who understands their needs. Look for a provider who is familiar with transgender health issues, who is respectful of you and your concerns, and with whom you feel comfortable.


A number of trans-focused organizations offer guidance in finding care providers, including the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.


Try not to let negative interactions with health care providers in the past or the fear of negative reactions prevent you from getting the care you need. You deserve to receive health care from a provider who is inclusive and competent in providing transgender care.

Once you've established a relationship with your health care provider, it's important to share your medical history — including surgeries, hormone therapy and other gender-affirming care — to ensure that you receive the right health care for you. Ask about tests recommended for trans men in your age group. Also ask about screenings, which are tests that look for signs of certain diseases. Talk with your provider about any specific health concerns you may have.

Be sure to check out these great resources:

Mayo Clinic

World Professional Association of Transgender Health

There isn't a lot of information about if gynecologic cancers can impact trans men and non-binary people differently than it does cis women.  

However, CGCA is here for everyone and will continue to support all people who are affected by gynecologic cancer to the best of our abilities.

Remember, there is great importance in finding a Gynecologic Oncologist that is right for you as well as utilizing all of our wellness programs and other resources that we offer.


Along with reading the CGCA Resource Guide, click this link for LGBTQIA+ specific resources. 

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