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Oncólogos ginecológicos en Colorado

On our YouTube channel, we have an array of discussions from survivors sharing insights into their journey after a cancer diagnosis.


Individuals share aspects of their experiences, like talking to family and friends after receiving a cancer diagnosis, as well as provide helpful information on resources they found useful during and post treatment.


We have included links to our videos below, as well as a few other useful videos from other resources. Click the links below to watch. 

Resources During Cancer Treatment

Acupuncture as a Resource for Managing Side Effects of Treatment

The Clearity Foundation: Tumor Blueprinting

Why Knowing Other Survivors is Important

Evidence Based Nutrition Recommendations for Ovarian and Gyn Cancer survivors

Assess Your Risk  (Via BrightPink )

Ladies, Let's Get to Work

Knowing Your Cancer Risk Can Save Your Life

Knowing My Cancer Risk Gave Me Peace and Power

Cancer Prevention is Power

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Symposium: BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

Rasing Awareness of BRCA and Hereditary Cancer in Latino Communities


Managing After Cancer Treatment

"Sexual Dysfunction and the Pelvic Floor"

Sexuality and Intimacy After A Cancer Diagnosis: Melissa's Experience

"What Normal Bowel Function Should Look Like"

"What Normal Bladder Function Should Look Like"

Regaining Intimacy After Ovarian Cancer


Coping with Cancer: Survivor's Experiences

Cancer Support and Advice (via A Common Path)

How I Coped with Losing My Hair: Brittany's Story (via MD Anderson Cancer Center

Ovarian Cancer Fighter Talks Coping Methods (via NewsLine

Relationships with Family and Friends After a Cancer Diagnosis: Melissa's Story

Importance of Self-Advocacy During Cancer Treatment

Self-Advocacy During Cancer Treatment: Melissa's Experience

Uterine / Endometrial Cancer-specific videos

Endometrial Cancer Symptoms (Memorial Sloan Kettering) 

Recognizing the symptoms of endometrial cancer (UW Medicine)

New Treatment Options for Uterine Cancer (SHARE Cancer Support)

Signs and Symptoms of Uterine Cancer (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

Obesity and Uterine Cancer (Society of Gynecologic Oncologists)

What Black Women need to know about uterine cancer (SHARE Cancer Support)

Survivor Storytellers

Melissa Michaels

Ma Pan Yone

Trish Kifer

Bonnie Davis

Denise Archuleta

Phyllis Stone


Complementary Care

Complementary and Homeopathic Care During Cancer Treatment

Coping During Chemotherapy with Movement

Integrative Complementary Care During Cancer Treatment

Western Medicine Plus Eastern Philosophy 


PARP Inhibitors 

PARP Inhibitors with Dr. Glenn Bigsby

PARP Inhibitors and Ovarian Cancer  (via Memorial Sloan Kettering

PARP Inhibitor Side Effect Management in Ovarian Cancer (via OncLive TV

What is a PARP Inhibitor?  (via Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Insurance Resources

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

Market Place Open Enrollment


Other Resources

Cancer and Employment Law

Cannabis and Cancer Presentation

Clinical Trials with Dr. Bradley Corr

Clinical Trials with Dr. Bradley Corr - August 31, 2022

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