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Our Board and Team

If the cause of gynecologic cancer matters to you, please consider applying to serve on our Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Members At Large

Jodeen Garcia has had an extensive career with 25 years’ dedicated to working in the Health Services Industry with a progression of roles including 8 years in the business and 17 years in Information Technology. Her current responsibilities encompass leading an IT Enterprise Organization dedicated to Business Insights and Service Quality programs within the Customer Business Experience Organization.

Jodeen has a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and received her Bachelors of Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Southern Colorado. She is a member of the Project Management Institute. She was recognized with a President‘s award for her efforts as a leader of the IT Web Portal project that revolutionized how Great-West interacted with their customers and members on a day to day basis. Her efforts and dedication garnered a nomination in the coveted Cigna Customer-Centric Ambassador Program where she was vetted across hundreds of participants. As one of the first wave of participants – she has helped shape the program and currently is active in expanding its participation throughout the Information Technology Organization.

heather o'connell

Heather O'Connell

Heather began volunteering for the Colorado gynecologic Cancer Alliance at our Annual Jodi's Race and has been adding value ever since. 

Currently a professional event planner, Heather also brings years of business experience and a devotion to the cause.    

jessica thatcher

Jessica Thatcher

As a People Program Manager for Robin (a workplace management platform), Jessica manages a variety of programs and initiatives, all geared towards finding and maintaining a workforce of highly skilled, highly satisfied employees. 

Sharisse is a certified genetic counselor residing in Denver. She currently works with patients who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and well as individuals who have a family history of ovarian cancer as well as other cancer types. While Sharisse does not have a personal or familial tie to ovarian cancer, she has always found the genetics of ovarian cancer and the potential familial implications of genetic testing for this patient population to be fascinating. Sharisse received her Masters in Genetic Counseling and her Masters in Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. She has always had a passion for community outreach and enjoys playing a part in helping women advocate for themselves when it comes to genetic testing. She believes knowledge is power when it comes to genetic testing. Sharisse is a bilingual provider who speaks Spanish and has a passion for working with the Spanish-speaking population. As a member of the Board, she hopes to help create initiatives aimed at educating women about the importance of genetic testing for themselves and for their family members.

Sharisse es una consejera genética certificada que vive en Denver. Ella trabaja con pacientes que han sido diagnosticadas con cáncer de los ovarios y también con individuos que tienen una historia familiar de cáncer de los ovarios y otros tipos de cáncer. Mientras Sharisse no tiene una conexión personal o familiar con el cáncer de los ovarios, siempre ha encontrado fascinantes la genética de este cáncer y las posibles implicaciones familiares de las pruebas genéticas para esta población de pacientes. Sharisse recibió su Maestría en Consejería Genética y su Maestría en los Estudios Bioéticos de Case Western Reserve University en Cleveland, OH. Ella siempre ha tenido una pasión por el alcance comunitario y disfruta ayudar a las mujeres a abogar por sí mismas cuando se trata de pruebas genéticas. Ella cree que el conocimiento es poder cuando se trata de pruebas genéticas. Sharisse es un proveedor bilingüe que habla español y le apasiona trabajar con hispanohablantes. Como miembro de la junta de directores, ella desea crear iniciativas destinadas a educar a las mujeres sobre la importancia de las pruebas genéticas para ellas mismas y para los miembros de su familia.

Barbara Yondorf retired in 2020 and is now an active community volunteer. She sits on the boards of the Colorado Women's Cancer Alliance, Mental Health Center of Denver, Center for African American Health, and Colorado Center on Law and Policy. She volunteers with the Red Cross, Project Angel Heart and Denver Health. Prior to retiring she was president of Yondorf & Associates, a Denver-based, health policy consulting firm. Her areas of expertise include health policy research and analysis, feasibility studies, strategic planning, facilitation, legislative drafting and analysis, and grant writing and review. Before starting Yondorf & Associates, Barbara served in senior positions at Rose Community Foundation, the National Conference of State Legislatures, Colorado Division of Insurance, and Colorado Department of Health. She was a budget analyst for the Colorado General Assembly and, before that, served on the Public Health and Public Administration faculties of the University of Washington. She has a BA with Honors from the University of Chicago and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Tina Lucero

Tina Lucero

Tina is the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising at Albertsons Companies. Always eager to take on new challenges, she brings her business savvy and creative marketing strategies, practical problem solving, detailed organization, and a high personal drive to the Colorado Gynecologic Cancer Alliance effort. 

Emeritus Board Members:

  • Mary Phillips, former Board President

  • John Brammeier, former Treasurer

  • Edward Dauer, LL.B., M.P.H., former Board Vice President

  • Sue Hester, former Board President

  • Mike Kopcha, former Secretary

Staff and Contractors

Emotional Support Team

CGCA's Emotional Support Programs include Nicki's Circle Support and Information Groups, individual counseling, and a Mentor Program. Learn more about our Emotional Support programs.

Connect with our emotional support team:


Phone: 720-519-3122

Financial Support Team

Our expert financial advocates are here to help survivors navigate through the financial aspect of medical treatment.

Advocates review a patient's current medical coverage and clinical treatment plan and, if needed, work with the patient to create a new, personalized strategy to minimize financial burden going forward.

Learn more about the Carol's Wish Financial Navigation program.

Connect with our Carol's Wish team:


Phone: 303-589-5075

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