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With the help our our community, we have created an online Gynecologic Cancer Resource Guide to help you find needed assistance. We have compiled a group of resources that we hope will benefit you throughout every stage of your journey. View the entire guide by clicking the button or check out our most popular sections by scrolling below.

Resource Guide

Getting Started

Getting a diagnosis of gynecologic cancer is not easy. You may have waited months before an accurate diagnosis was made. You may have been in surgery just days after hearing the news. Whatever your situation, it is a traumatic event. A journey of physical, mental and emotional healing must be undertaken, which is best done with support, patience and love.

Finding Support

Whether you're looking for emotional support online or in person, help with food assistance, housing, hair loss...we have lots of resources listed that can help you!

Questions to Ask

We've assembled a list of questions you can use when asking your physician about your cancer diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. 

Above all, be your own best advocate! Ask questions and seek answers that you understand!

Financial Assistance

Dealing with the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis can be the hardest part.


We've assembled information to help you. 

Managing Chemo

In this section you'll find resources and tips to help you manage surgery and treatment as well as all its side effects. 

Complementary Therapy

Complementary medicine is a group of diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines that are used together with conventional medicine. These variety of therapies are used to complement medical treatment and help with side effects, both physical and emotional.

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