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Caregiver Resources
Educate Yourself!

As a care partner, we encourage you to become knowledgeable about:

  • your loved one's type of gynecologic cancer

  • the treatment protocol (what type of chemo, chemo schedule, etc.)

  • side effects of treatment

  • possible recurrence


Becoming knowledgeable about treatments, diagnosis, side effects, and recurrence will allow you to provide the support and resources your loved one needs. 

Also, the Society of Gynecologic Oncologist (SGO) has created a guide and toolkit called Compassionate Caregivers: Navigating Cancer's Challenges


This series is a guide and toolkit intended to help caregivers support loved ones by becoming active participants in the care team, confidently discussing stigmatized elements of gynecologic cancer, gaining skills to balance time and prioritize their own mental health, and more.

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