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Caregiver Resources
Top Tips for Caregivers

  • Take care of yourself: Although the role of being a care partner is broadly considered as taking care of someone, it’s extremely important to take care of you first! Relieve your mind and recharge your body. Simple activities like taking mini-breaks and closing your eyes can go a long way in relieving your own stress.

  • Accept offers of help: Keep a list of your caregiving duties from small to large so that when someone offers help you are able to offer specific choices and take full advantage of a helping hand. Reaching out and asking friends and family to help with doctor visits and appointments can also help ease the burden of all the daily tasks.

  • Be open to new technologies: Many new apps are becoming very resourceful in planning your activities and requesting help. These apps can also help you organize medical documents and put your legal documents in order.

  • Seek support: Being a Care Partner for a loved one that is suffering from cancer can be emotionally draining for you. It’s important to be mindful of your own health and seek support, and/or support groups when needed. You'll find more information in our Resource Guide. They will help facilitate your needs and assure you that the needs of your loved ones are met. It is also helpful to find comfort in others who are coping with the same stress or uncertainty. 

  • Give yourself credit: Being a Care Partner is not an easy job, and you’re doing great! Give yourself a pat on the back and recognize how strong you are. It is very rewarding to be able to care of someone in a time of need.

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